Whatever the fuck this is

Some of you out there must have this one principle or rule whichever you may call it, that you follow, where you don’t give a single flying fuck of what everyone thinks of you. But deep down you do care about, or at least acknowledge on what people are saying about you. It contradicts with that one principle you are holding on to. And this shit happens to everyone. Don’t lie when you say you don’t care but you actually do care. It’s just a matter of whether you decide to show it to people and letting them know or you don’t. It’s black and white, no grey. My point is that, whatever the shit you do in this world, good or bad, people are gonna fucking talk. Whether you like it or not. They are gonna talk. Even if you are somewhat a private person, who never shares anything personal to anyone, or maybe you are a loud or well-known person, the society will still talk about you. It’s a cycle of bullshit that you gotta deal with. This is what you sign up for when you were born into this fucking universe. Fact is, the society sucks. And you know it too well. So, fucking deal with it. Bottom line is, we’re all hypocrites. Nobody’s a saint in this world. If you think you are, think again.


Ignorant People

I just feel the need to address this little issue I recently encountered on social media.



Look at the guy’s comment. Okay, let’s discuss. (or hear me rant about it)

It makes me sad seeing people are still taking this whole thing as nothing wrong with it. What thing you ask? Not understanding how bad a mental illness can do upon one self. It makes me sad, and mad, and I can’t tolerate these ignorant people. Fucks sake, before you say something, bad-mouthing a girl, learn what depression is. Fucking learn the effects of depression. Those people who have it, they didn’t fucking ask for it. Depression isn’t something you seek. It’s a mental illness. And you comparing depression with laziness? What the fuck? Do you even know what it feels like to go through depression? Let me paint a picture for you.

  • Depression feels like you’re being stuck in a box that you can’t get out of—a very dark place where you feel so low that even simple tasks are difficult. You feel completely alone.
  • Cancer of the soul.
  • Torture
  • Living in hell

It’s not hard to educate yourself on this matter. It’s not hard. So please. If you decide to stay being an ignorant. I don’t mind. Go ahead. BUT do not say things that you have no knowledge of. That’s just gonna make you a fucking imbecile. Don’t make a fool out of yourself, okay?

Alright I’m done.