She had learnt new things that she wouldn’t thought she would. She got to crossed off one of her bucket list countries to visit when she traveled to India. She’d breathed the air there, she’d seen the culture, she’d tasted the food, and man, she loved it there so much.

She handled a big event and she was proud of that too. Along the way, she got to know great people. She was grateful that the very same people happened to be her close friends now. In which she wouldn’t trade them for anything. Also, she got to know a stranger, and they too, become friends.

Among the great things she’d experienced, there were ups and downs that she had to go through. The downs were mostly when she had to cope with her little demon. The constant battle that she was forced to get into. She is trying to not let it win and control her. She will get better. She knows she will.

Bittersweet memories were created throughout the year. The year when it taught her to be a better human being and to never give up even when there are voices telling her not to. Nevertheless, she is hoping that the new year will bring her happiness that she’s longing for, new adventures to enjoy, and new memories to create. 2017 will be the year she says fuck it. (she says that everyday but yeah).

Happy New Year :]


It’s that time of the year again

when you feel like giving up

when you feel like everything you’ve done isn’t worth it

when you doubt your life decisions, always

when all these negative thoughts surround you

when you can’t even make a single thing right

when you worry that you’ll be a disappointment

when you’re afraid that you’ll fail, again

when things don’t go your way

when hope is lost.


And all I can say is that, I’m sorry.