Some people change because they want to. Some people change because they feel the need to impress others. Some people change because they wanna feel accepted or fit in. Some change because it’s their fucking lives. They do whatever the fuck they wanna do. And change is good. Life is too short for you to be subjected to certain things. Limiting yourself to one thing is never healthy. With that being said, I’m in the process of fixing myself. From what you might ask, from all the negativity that surround myself and all the bad thoughts that my mind can’t seem to get rid of. Hence, the changes I’m facing. I know that from all my previous posts I sounded like I needed help. I did (I still do), but not to the extent that I couldn’t handle it by myself. I turn to this site whenever I have my episodes. But for now, I’m perfectly fine.

Talking about changes, some of us love to assume and very judgmental toward one another. Sometimes it’s funny how you never truly know a person but you assume he or she is like this or like that. The way they dressed up, the way they talk, the way they act in public don’t define themselves unless you get to know them first. Happened to me once. I judged people just because they didn’t fit my fucking description- as if that’s important. I hated myself for that. I’m saying all this because if I don’t, I’m a fucking hypocrite. So there it is.

Thus, when you see a change in a person, whether the change he/she is facing is good or bad- however you perceive it- the very person has his/her own reasons. Okay? Good day to all.



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