Sheer exhaustion

It was fine a second ago.

Why was I in a room with these people?

As if I wanted to be here.

I never asked for this.

I was forced to listen, to understand.

Couldn’t you hear the screaming of my subconscious?

Couldn’t you understand the pain I was suffering?

I was not designed to work this way.

These feigned masks I put on everyday, they served as a mean for me to be somebody else.

Did I care? No.

Did I try to change? Sometimes.



The state of nothingness

Is it possible for a human being to possess no feelings whatsoever? Because up to this point I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel anymore. I’m neither happy nor sad. I feel literally nothing. I’m numb. If it were written that I’d die tomorrow, I’d be game. Death, bring it on. I’m just this soulless living thing on a tiny piece of a floating planet just trying to survive. I’m basically nothing. We are nothing. You hear me?